R.J.’s Closet Nursery

overviewWe had another whole baby since my last post! Here is my sweet Baby R.J. on top of a vintage suitcase I got at Goodwill. Got to start ’em young…


I can barely believe it’s been so long, but I have a backlog of projects to share now. First up is this one: a closet room for our new addition. With a teenager and a light-sleeping three-year-old taking up all the other bedrooms in the house, I had to get creative to find a spot for Baby R.J.. Or move. And moving whilst pregnant or with a newborn sounds frightening to me. Lucky for us, there are two closets in our master bedroom. Unlucky for us, they are both pretty small. There was no option of putting a full-size or even a standard mini crib in one of them. Enter the Bloom Alma Mini crib. I love this thing. It was a tad expensive ($340 even before the mattress!) which is not my style, as we all know. But it was way cheaper than moving. It fits like a glove in the closet.

The crib is on wheels, so we move it to the left when we need to get into the right side, where his clothes and essentials are located. Then we move it back to the center doorway when it’s time for a nap.

crib side

I made the sheets for it myself because the sheets Bloom sells are $50 for a 2-pack. Just no.


As mentioned above, we store all the baby gear and clothes on the right side of the closet. I’m a sucker for vintage suitcases. Here’s another one.

suitcase shelveslower shelvesalligator

shelf side

And that completes our tour! Now, if you were wondering where I stashed my wardrobe to make this closet nursery happen, here you go. I had to pare down a bit, but it really hasn’t been a hassle.(Other than having to part with my wood hangers because they wouldn’t fit.) We already had the armoire in our room, I just busted out the back panel and added a rod. Conveniently, the shelf below the clothes fits a laundry basket perfectly.


For my shoes, I picked up these Ikea Trones cabinets at Goodwill for next to nothing. I painted them and added some of our leftover flooring to the top. They take up almost no space in the room, and my shoes have never been so organized.



We are comfortable for now, but R.J. eats like there’s no tomorrow. Hopefully the little marshmallow will stay in his closet room for at least a year.


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