Scrappy Girl: A Fabric Rollergirl Doll

WP_20141120_043The most important thing I learned while making this project is the fine line between a super scary doll smile and a very cute one. Last night, after handstitching the felt smile, I looked down to see a very creepy rollergirl staring back at me with murder in her little fabric eyes. I grabbed my scissors before things got out of hand, took a millimeter off each side, and we were friends once again. WP_20141120_048

Emmie is super into dolls right now. The ones she always grabs first are her fabric dolls. No plastic parts make them all snuggly for her. She also really loves to watch skating–me or anyone else. She’d love to skate herself, but her feet are too tiny still. So, I decided to combine these two loves into a fun little mini-me rollergirl doll. It’s modeled after her, with a play on my own roller derby name, Jumbo Shrimp. Get it? Popcorn Shrimp? I’m so dang clever. Actually, I think my husband came up with that, but I’m taking credit here. The number is also a play on my own. Mine is 21/25 for the count of jumbo shrimp you get in a bag per pound. Little Popcorn’s is 61/70. WP_20141120_050

My mission for this doll was not to buy anything new. I have so many scraps. I still have no idea why I bought gold spandex, but it seems to keep being useful for little things. It was perfect for her helmet and skates. I made the hair out of some leftovers from our couch cushions. Her snazzy pants are a bit of Ikea fabric that was left from a table runner I made for my team captain, Queen Loseyateefa. I figured that was fitting to use here. I made the pads with felt and some small scraps of elastic I had from making derby number armbands, also fitting. The elbow and kneepads have velcro attached to them so Emmie can open and fasten them, but they are fixed to the body so they don’t get lost. To make the logo, name, and number, I used some printable iron-on transfer paper. (And a special thank you to the league for letting me photograph the logo for my blog!)WP_20141120_053

I tried my best to keep everything washable. That was fortunate because she already has a large chocolate milk splotch on the side of her head less than 24 hours after I completed her. Her first derby bruise!

As you can see (these are pre-chocolate milk photos), Emmie’s pretty happy with her new friend. She insisted that Popcorn be buckled in beside her at Home Depot and in the car. Oh, and that smile kills me.




2 thoughts on “Scrappy Girl: A Fabric Rollergirl Doll

  1. “Popcorn Shrimp” – that reminded me just now of all that is right in the world! LOVE THIS! I need one for Becca please and thank you. And I LOVE that I found your blog! I’m a Goodwill shopper too!

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