Bound to Be Shelf-ish: A Book Bookshelf


It’s like clockwork nearly every six months. I have to rearrange my furniture. I get antsy and start wondering how I could ever have liked any of it where it is.

This is how I came to have a school desk as my entrance table last week. I gave the boot to a cabinet that never looked quite right there, but I still wanted someplace to put throw my purse when I came in the door. On a whim, I moved the desk down from Emmie’s room. The whole living room has various school-themed (globes, maps, chalkboards) things scattered around, so this was a natural conclusion.


When I first set it by the door I loved it! Then hated it again instantly.There was so much empty wall space behind it. Plus, where could I put the lamp? A shelf, of course! Something functional but interesting. So I came up with a vintage book bookshelf. The books were previously also in Emmie’s room, but I stole ’em because the colors were perfect. Here’s how it came together. So, so easy.

A stack of cool-looking vintage books…WP_20141115_008

Open up the cover and add some brackets. I marked where the holes would be on the outside of the cover before doing this…



Close the cover and screw those puppies in…


Hang it up…


I hung two side by side and stacked the books on top between them to create a longer shelf…


I love my flying pig so much…


And yay for book bookshelves!



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