Cart Blanche: A Grocery Cart Turned Kitchen Island


When you see a cart in a store, you can generally assume it belongs there. Which is why I think I was lucky enough to find this one at the last stop of a Tuesday thrift store run. I never expect much from the last store, as it’s typically pretty picked over by the time we get there. Since I have such odd taste in home accessories, this was my dream come true–a really cool shopping cart for $15. I just put all my other stuff in it and happily rolled it through the store!


After a bit of ribbing from my husband about it (he asked if I was going to put all my belongings in it and walk up and down the road), it has found its place in our kitchen as an island. I slid the store name placards out of it, added a tension rod for paper towels, and some wine boxes. I was so excited when the rectangular one fit perfectly in the top basket. It’s a great work surface and I have random utensils stored in it. The bottom boxes hold onions and potatoes.

I love this darn thing so much. It makes me happy every time I see it. Told you I have odd taste.

WP_20141114_020[1] WP_20141114_029[1] WP_20141114_023[1] WP_20141114_026[1] WP_20141114_018[1] WP_20141114_031[1]


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