Tiny House: Another Playhouse Makeover


My dad is seriously the best. Not only does he still come to my rescue any time my ancient car breaks down, he also calls me when one of his clients (he used to be a programmer but now is a wildly successful handyman) is getting rid of something he knows I’d like. And he transports it for me! So was the case with this playhouse. I wasn’t really in the market for one considering I’d just fixed up this one, but how could I possibly turn this down?WP_20140819_001


Granted, it’s probably as old as I am, and it was a bit scary structurally. However, it definitely looks like the handiwork of someone else’s amazing dad. It needed a TON of work. I could not be happier with how it turned out though it took me almost a week of near-constant labor. I had to reattach the dormer which broke off during transport and replace the entire roof, which looked like this and was infested with ants.

WP_20140819_004I have never roofed before, but it was pretty satisfying once I got the hang of it. We had a package of shingles left over from our own roof which I was happy to get out of the garage. After I got the house structurally sound, I started painting. Since we had to replace EVERYTHING in/on our own house when we moved in, we have so many leftover paints and building materials. It was nice to have a use for them, plus the playhouse looks something like a tiny replica of our house.

After 2

WP_20140831_008Isn’t this door amazing? Someone really spent some time working on all the details. I added some little scrapbook numbers for the house number. I gave it a new wireless doorbell (oh my goodness, Emmie loves that bell) and a little mailbox I found at Goodwill. The welcome mat was a scrap of something I found in the garage. I cut it down to size and stenciled on the “welcome.” I added some flowers, pavers, and fencing for fun.



WP_20140831_005The whole inside got a coat of mold killing primer before I got to work on painting it gray with white trim. The floor was originally carpeted. Bad idea for something that’s outside, in my opinion. I pulled the carpet up with a crow bar,  trepidation, and sneezing fits and replaced it with some scraps from our laminate floors.

WP_20140826_004The house had a little sofa inside when we got it. I was a little reluctant to take it because I didn’t know what might be living in it. My mom came over for moral support, and we took it apart, cleaned, and reupholstered it. It turned out much better than I ever thought it could. And we didn’t find too much more than the remnants of ants past inside.

WP_20140828_001All the accessories (except the pillows, which I hastily made) are things I had around the house. I cut a rug that I wasn’t using down to scale. The valances are rectangular paper doilies that I cut in half. We’ll see how long Emmie keeps those around, but they look cute for now.

WP_20140831_013The kitchen is one good result of me being a bit of a pack rat. When my dad installed our over-the-oven microwave in the real house, he had to remove a shelf in one of the cabinets. There was a large hole cut in the shelf for the stove vent. For some reason, I kept that piece of wood. It was perfect for this project! The vent hole became a receptacle for a bowl which is the “sink.” There was another hole in it through which I put a faucet I picked up at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore. I also got a burner grate there to use for the “stove.” The “oven” is a piece of painted fabric. When you open it up…a pie!

WP_20140831_015 WP_20140831_016 WP_20140831_017 WP_20140831_019I found a chalkboard at Goodwill last week which I stuck on the ceiling to cover some of my errant roofing nails and give Emmie a place to create in this super tiny house.


I had so much fun with this one. Emmie loves it too! She helped me with every step. We were both covered in paint for days. My husband covertly took a few pictures of us working on it together. Now to have a little housewarming tea party to celebrate our success!

20140824_182305 20140824_182400





4 thoughts on “Tiny House: Another Playhouse Makeover

  1. This is so, so cute! Love it! It looks like you put some hard work into it. I am sure Emmie will have so much fun playing in it. You are very creative. =)
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. What creativity you have! I enjoyed seeing the transformation and end results! What a lucky girl you daughter is to have a mom with vision and a grandfather that also could see past the issues and bring you a treasure.

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