Starry, Starry Lights: Battery-Operated Lights from Candle Sconces

I’ve been semi-obsessed with sunburst mirrors lately. They are so retro, yet current. I just love them. Luckily, I’ve run across quite a few of them at Goodwill. They are one of the things that I buy pretty much whenever I see. When I found these rusty, brass candle holders for $1.91 each, I knew they would be a perfect complement to my collection of mirrors.


Only, who puts candles on the wall? Seems like a fire hazard to me. I decided to turn them into little lamps with these battery-operated lights. I picked these up for 75 cents each at Salvation Army and unscrewed the bottoms from them.


After giving the candle holders a fresh coat of gold spray paint, I secured the lights to them with a blob of hot glue.


Then I just added some little lampshades and put those puppies up! Easy!




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