Feel the Burn: A Thrifted 80’s Jane Fonda Toddler Costume

We recently had the pleasure of celebrating the 40th birthday of our good friend, Jay. Jay is the brand-spanking-new hubby of my long-time friend, Heather. She threw him the most rad 80’s party imaginable. She deserves Wife of the Year for making this cake, let alone all the other details she added to the party.


To fit with the theme of the party, I had to come up with some great costumes for our family. At first, I thought my husband wouldn’t be interested in dressing up. He totally proved me wrong. When I came home with this tracksuit from the thrift store, he was all over it. Yes!


That was especially fortunate because it went so well with this beauty, which I picked up at the same time.


Now I just needed to come up with something for Emmie. Something with legwarmers. Fabulous 80’s Jane Fonda!


I grabbed the closest thing to Jane’s leotard that I could find, a striped onesie. I cut the neck out of it to make it more like the leotard.


For the leg warmers, I found this little red sweater and cut the arms off. I ended up having to take the seam in a little bit to fit Emmie’s legs better.

IMG_4414 IMG_4416

Then I cut up an elastic belt, fit it to Emmie’s waist, and stitched it. I was able to easily slip it on over the leotard.


The end result!


The family that wears ugly 80’s workout gear together, stays together…or something like that.


We even ended up winning the costume contest. Our major award? A copy of Footloose. Heather thought of everything!



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