Whiter Shade of Pale: An Ugly Rock Fireplace Gets a Makeover


I have mentioned before how much I hate my fireplace. With all the other painting and sprucing up I was doing to the house a few weeks ago, it started to bother me again. It just sits there annoyingly making an otherwise pretty nice living room look like a log cabin or something.

Armed with nothing but a paintbrush and a gallon of white gloss trim paint, I decided to take down this enemy once and for all. It took me about two hours and about a half gallon of paint. The rocks were porous and thirstily sucked the paint in. I didn’t do any surface prep other than a quick wipedown. It’s held up to several fireplace fires and a toddler running all over the hearth so far. Now, what was once an eyesore actually looks halfway decent. I am just so happy with it. Especially because the new coat of paint matched the wooden moose head I picked up at Goodwill awhile ago, and now I have someplace to display it!




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