Toe Jam: Cheap and Quick DIY Skate Toeguards


I bought new skates a few months ago after suffering through most of Fresh Meat in a pair of used Carreras. They did the job but were completely destroyed by the time I got my new ones — gorgeous, blue Riedell 911 Jammer  boots with Rival plates and Gumball toestops. You have probably already guessed that I am pretty stingy with spending money. This was a huge purchase for me. I love those skates almost as much as my children. Maybe more, depending on the day. (Kidding, kidding.)

I typically use hockey tape on the toes of my skates to protect them from knee drops, etc. Several months ago, one of my Meat sisters (who now is rookie Atlanta Rollergirl, Violent Beauregarde) kindly gave me a pair of extra toe guards she had. I ran out of hockey tape a few weeks ago and remembered that I still had them deep in the recesses of my skate bag. The only problem now was that they were green. Green is the team color of the Toxic Shocks. A lovely team, yes. But not my team. I decided to spray paint the toe guards with some silver paint I had in the garage. In retrospect, I should’ve given them back to Vi, as she is a member of the Toxic Shocks. Especially since the spray paint didn’t last through even one practice before rubbing off. Now these toeguards weren’t good for anyone’s team. Sorry, Vi! Me and my failed projects. Ugh.

I decided to cut my losses, take one the old toeguards apart, and make my own using them as a pattern. I picked up a silver purse at Goodwill for $3 to use for the new toeguards. It isn’t real leather, so I’m not sure how it will hold up. However, making them took about five minutes. Replacing them with real leather from another thrifted purse would be no big deal. They aren’t the most beautiful toeguards ever, but they’ll do a good job of protecting the most beautiful skates ever from damage. Here’s how to do it!

Ugly, silver thrifted purse.


I turned it over and cut out the back, which contained the largest piece of pleather.


After seam ripping the old toeguards apart, I traced around them, marking the toestop and lace holes.


After cutting out the pieces, I used an Exacto knife to cut out the toestop and lace holes. I just circled the knife in the lace holes to make them as big as they needed to be.

IMG_4396 IMG_4397

With right sides together, I stitched both edges with very small seam allowance.



Here’s the finished toeguard before it went on the skate. It looks like an animal face or something, doesn’t it?


And voila!


So easy! Think of all the possibilities you could have from different old purses. I’m definitely going to be on the lookout!


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