Sweet Seat: A Reupholstered Toddler Chair


One of Emmie’s favorite things to do is climb around on chairs. I’m not quite sure why. Toddlers are mysterious that way. She always especially likes the cheap, ugly furniture that is specifically kid-sized. I’ve been wanting to get her a little chair of her own, just not one that looks like another piece of kid clutter.

Last week at Goodwill I found this little diamond in the rough for $5.95.



It looks really sad and dirty, I know. But what great lines! I decided I could probably cover it in some fabric remnant I had lying around. Of course, the reason why I have so many remnants in the first place is that nothing that works for one project ever seems to look good on the next. This was also the case here. I needed something toddler-proof, but pretty. Off to Jo-Ann again! I picked up this utility bag fabric on sale for $1.99/yd. It’s the kind of fabric reusable shopping bags are made from. It wipes clean! Perfect and cheap.

Utility Fabric- Bag Fabric Green Chevron

I decided it would be easiest to sew a sort of slipcover for the chair and hot-glue the loose pieces. I managed to turn it out in a naptime. That almost never happens in my world. Emmie woke up to an awesome little toddler-impervious chair. She loves it and so do I! Now I want one in my size just like it.



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