Paint it Black: DIY Painted Faux Panel Hollowcore Doors


What do you do when you’re both:

A. Waiting on a phone call which could either be excellent or terrible news and

 B. Expecting your in-laws in a week?

If you’re me, you paint everything in your house that you can get your hands on. Two weeks ago, I was waiting to hear whether I had been drafted to the Atlanta Rollergirls. I am quite possibly the least patient person in existence. I was worried sick/excited the entire week before. My wonderful in-laws were also going to be coming down from Cleveland to visit us the following week. They are so nice and easy-going. I’m sure they wouldn’t care if my house was terribly messy and unpainted, but I still wanted it to look nice for them.

I decided to use both of these events as a catalyst to get my butt in gear and tackle some nagging projects around the house. Sitting around just makes me even more obsessively worried. I figured I’d use up that nervous energy on something productive. That way, even if I had bad news, my house would at least look great for my in-laws!

Luckily, things turned out great in both respects. I am now both Jumbo Shrimp, rookie Atlanta Rollergirl, and the proud owner of some awesome painted house stuff. Yay!

This is my favorite of all the projects. Our hallway trim and doors had been neglected since we moved in four long years ago. I hated looking at the ugly, chipped trim and the cheap, hollowcore doors. With five doors in the hallway, replacing them would have cost at least $100. Then I would have still had to paint them. No, thanks! I decided to dress up the uglies we had already.

Much like a Little Black Dress, black paint makes everything look more chic. I happened to find an “oops” gallon at Home Depot for $9. Score! I also wanted to add some kind of faux panel to the doors to make them look a little fancier. I decided to use gold, which I’m loving in all home accessories right now, to create some pseudo-trim. I absolutely love how they turned out. And sooo cheap! With tape and a paintbrush, this project was still under $30.


Before. So boring. So ugly.

I painted the trim a glossy white first. It was previously a yellowing, chipped, off-white. The “before” picture does not capture its hideousness accurately. After that dried, I free-painted some basic rectangular shapes on the doors with the gold paint. The linen closet door was much smaller than the other four, so I did three rectangles instead of two to differentiate it.



 After the rectangles dried overnight, I used some 2 inch painter’s tape to create faux panels over them.


I cut away the overlapping edges with a knife.


To prevent the black paint from bleeding, I sealed the edges of the tape with more gold paint. It still bled a little, but it was pretty easy to touch up.


Now, the fun part! I covered all the doors in three coats of black paint with a roller.


After the tape came off and some touching up of the lines…


So much better!


I bought these wall decals at Goodwill for a dollar and stuck them here for some added fun.


Stay tuned for more painting chronicles!


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