Hutch Happenstance: A Chalkboard Painted Hutch and Sideboard


This is a makeover with a bit of a coincidental (or eerie, depending on your point-of-view) story. I bought this hutch and sideboard at Goodwill a few weeks ago. I’d been looking for a replacement to my living room console table that provided more storage. The console table was just taking up valuable real estate. I thought I’d probably end up refurbishing a cheap dresser when I happened upon this…


Perfect! Even Emmie thought so. Lots of storage for the area where the console table was, plus an extra rolling sideboard that I could use for supplies in my sewing corner.The entire set ended up costing $27. Even though it was rocking a very 90’s sponge paint job, I knew it would look amazing once it had some TLC.

Here’s the coincidental/eerie part. My wonderful father and my younger son, Ryan were bringing it into the house for me when my older son, Cole and his longtime girlfriend, Julia came home. Julia said, “That was mine!” This set had been in her childhood bedroom at her father’s house. He moved into a smaller place over the summer when she was headed to college, and they sold the furniture on Craigslist. I guess it didn’t work out for the new owners because it ended up at Goodwill.Too bad I didn’t get it before the middle man because I could have had it for free! Still, $27 isn’t bad at all. Julia’s still a bit freaked out by the whole situation.


I used a bright yellow/green paint called Leapfrog by Behr and chalkboard paint on the shelf back, drawers, and cabinet fronts. I’m borderline obsessed with chalkboard paint. It’s so versatile. I can write quotes, draw things, or just note what’s in each of the drawers like this…


Also, how many other kids can say they’re allowed to draw on the furniture?


My super-talented niece, Maggie, painted this bird for me for Christmas this year. Maybe she can help me draw it a better chalkboard frame too.


The sideboard could not be more perfect in my sewing corner. It houses my ever-growing hoard of fabric remnants and felt. Here’s what it looked like to start…


And now..



After Julia recovers from the weirdness of having her childhood furniture in her boyfriend’s mom’s house, I hope she’ll be happy that it has a good home!


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