Halloween Hijinks: A Thrifted Little Red Riding Hood Costume



I love Halloween so much. Though the pumpkin carving, candy, and trick-or-treating are fun, the costumes are my favorite. I’ve always had a blast trying to make the kids into whatever they happened to want to be, as difficult as that could sometimes turn out for me. Ryan, especially, gave me some challenging ideas to bring to fruition. For four years straight he insisted on being food items. The first year was a banana, then a bunch of grapes (think the old Fruit of the Loom guy if you’re as old as I am), next a hot dog, and lastly…the piece de resistance, a life-size stick of butter, salted. That one took Bob’s engineering degree, a pile of pvc pipe for a frame, and much sewing. It was totally worth the effort.


Now that the boys have grown out of trick-or-treating, I feel so lucky to have a new little one to dress up. I’m imposing my will on her costumes while I still have a say in the matter. The time will come all too soon when my ideas will be overruled. This year I decided on an adorable Little Red Riding Hood. I had a few other ideas, but I happened to find everything I needed in one thrift store trip earlier this week. It came together almost organically.


A little red velvet dress, $3


A very ugly basket, 96 cents. It was half price!


The big bad wolf. Well, sort of. He was half price too.


Multiple yards of red fabric, under $4.

To turn all of that into a costume was the fun part. I made a cape from the fabric plus some various scraps I had from other projects. See that tutorial here. Then I pulled apart the basket and bent it to my will. I added a little polka dot fabric to line it. I covered the little bows on the dress with a piece of trim I had to match better with the cape and also to make the dress seem a little less Christmas-y. Then I just added some patent leather shoes (got those at Goodwill too.)


After attempting a photo shoot on my own and ending up with twenty-odd pictures of a fussy girl in a cape, I enlisted my ultra-talented photographer niece, Leah (leahcatherinephotography.blogspot.com,) to take the photos below. Emmie was not only in a good mood for Leah, she was hamming it up! It just goes to show you that some things are best left to the pros. I’m lucky to have one in the family!









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