Girlz n the Hood: A DIY Hooded Cape Using a Coat as a Pattern


After I found the perfect little red riding hood dress and the big bad wolf (do you see him peeking out in the above photo?) at the thrift store, I needed to create a cape. Because Emmie is super tiny for her age, I usually use clothes that I know will reliably fit her as patterns. If I’m going to do the work, I definitely want the item to fit. Here’s how to make a cape from an existing hooded coat or jacket. This is certainly not limited to girls. It could work for any type of cape for costumes or just general dress up play.

I used this little hooded jacket as my pattern.


I laid it out as flat as I could and cut around it, leaving a little seam allowance. I’m not much of a measurer, if you couldn’t tell. This is a double layer of fabric. I chose to use a double layer because the fabric was fairly thin.  I adjust to what I can get cheaply.


Next, I used the hood as pattern. I needed to cut two of this fabric and two of my other fabric to form the hood and hood lining.


I used a small piece of red velvet I had left over from another project for the outside of the hood. I wish I’d had enough for the whole cape, but it still made it a little prettier. I used my other fabric piece as a pattern, cutting two again.


Here is the pattern all cut out.


Next, I stitched all the edges of the cape, except the bottom, with right sides together.  Then I turned it right side out and pressed it.


Only the bottom isn’t stitched.  I know it’s hard to see!


I’m kind of a sewing supply hoarder. I had lots of random trim leftover from other projects that I put to use here. I decided to add this black and white cotton ribbon to the sides. Totally optional, of course.

IMG_3236 IMG_3238

After I added the ribbon trim, I turned under the bottom edges about a quarter inch and pressed them.


Then I pinned on some corded piping. Again, a leftover for which I was happy to find a use.


I stitched the piping onto the bottom.


Yay! It’s all comin’ together now.



Time to make the hood. If you didn’t want to line it, you could get away with only using two pieces and then finishing the edge. It’s really just as easy to do it with the lining if you have enough fabric, though. It looks so much nicer too.

Stitch the four hood pieces together, two at a time, leaving the bottom and the front part open, then press.


Pin the two hood pieces with right sides together, matching the seam lines. It will look like this:


Then stitch, press, and turn.


Now just pull the liner into the hood.


Ooo, magical, isn’t it?


Pin the finished hood to the cape with right sides together, and stitch.

IMG_3258 IMG_3259

Done! Make sure to trim and press the seams for ultimate prettiness.  Here’s the inside:


And the outside:


I added some old black shoelaces to each side of the cape to tie it on.


Here’s what it looks like with the whole Little Red Riding Hood costume:



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