Thrifting for My Girl

I’ve been raising children for a long time. Since I was 17, to be exact. That makes almost 20 years now. I’ve managed to indoctrinate my boys into thrift store shopping through careful brainwashing. They go to Goodwill often. However, it’s a little more difficult for boys and men to find clothes there. I didn’t ever have much luck finding clothes for them at the thrift store when they were younger. I suppose it’s because boys and men tend to wear their clothes until they all but disintegrate.

Now that I finally have a little girl to dress, I’m finding many more options. So many more, in fact, that I just can’t stop myself. I pay an average of about $1.50 per item for Emmie. And I find such amazing stuff! The best part is that I never worry much about her playing in anything she’s wearing because it’s so cheap. I get to enjoy the cuteness all the time. Now, let me share the cuteness with you. Every item came from Goodwill.

This is a boy Gerber onesie with a sweet little tutu/pants combo from BabyGap. She spilled my (cold) coffee all over the tutu shortly after this picture was taken. I didn’t even worry. If I had paid the original price, I’m quite sure I would have freaked out.

This is a brand-new Carter’s top over some little jeggings from Target. I might hem those pants, but I thought they looked cute rolled up too.

Ah, one of my favorites. Another boy top–this one from OshKosh. It still had the tags on. It’s actually a onesie, which makes putting the skirt over it so much easier. The sweater is also from OshKosh. I’m not sure where the skirt is from, but I love it.

I wish she’d let me get a better picture of this dress, but she was tired of me following her around with the camera. This dress is from an Etsy store called Rae Gun. Absolutely adorable, amazing handmade stuff. If I were a rich lady, I’d have Emmie swathed in things from this store. I am not a rich lady. And you can bet I love this dress for $2 instead of $35. The sweater I put on over top is vintage.

These items are just the tip of the iceberg. I cannot stop, I’m telling you. Shopping for girls is dangerous, even at these prices!


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