Thrifty Thank You: DIY Thank You Notes with Burlap

After the Daddy/Daughter birthday party extravaganza, I had a whole lot of amazingly thoughtful people to thank. Amazingly thoughtful people deserve a thank you note that isn’t run of the mill. Plus, I wanted to kind of embrace the party’s look on the notes to keep everything uniform.

Though I find many strange and obscure items at the thrift store, it is also consistently a treasure trove of practical items like office supplies. I ran across these very nice, printable cards with envelopes at Goodwill for $2.92. Out of a pack of 60, only a few were missing. I figured I could use not just for this set of thank you notes, but for many thanking opportunities to come.

I had some burlap left over from the party’s table runners that I thought would be perfect to dress up the cards. Burlap is so awesome, isn’t it?

I cut some squares out of the burlap and glued them onto the front of the cards.

Then I printed some “thank yous” and cut them out for each card.

I glued the “thank you” onto the burlap.

About a million years ago, I bought a giant package of raffia at Goodwill for next to nothing. I swear I use it for everything. Case in point…

Here it is, all ready to be filled with my heartfelt thanks…

Thank YOU for looking at this post!


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