Cut-Rate Cake Smash: A DIY Cake Stand and Smash Session

I try not to spend too much time on Pinterest, but inevitably it happens. While I was searching for ideas for the Daddy/Daughter birthday party extravaganza, I kept running across these adorable little girls in tutus with cake all over their faces. Hmmm…I have an adorable little girl.

I do not, however, have lots of money to afford amazing Etsy props and an expensive photographer. And I bother my very gracious niece for photos enough as it is. I decided to give this cake smash photography a go on my own.  I needed a few items to make it all work.

First and foremost, natural light. A photographer I am not. I have a very inexpensive point and shoot camera. I do not own a copy of Photoshop either. I have only a very basic understanding of what it takes to make a photo halfway decent, and that is natural light. Emmie’s room gets beautiful light in the afternoons.  I hauled her play kitchen out into the hallway and taped up the banner I made for her birthday party. 

Next the tutu. This was seriously the easiest thing to make ever. It took me about 10 minutes. I bought a few yards of pink tulle for next to nothing, measured Emmie’s waist, cut a piece of elastic slightly smaller than that measurement, and tied long, wide strips of tulle to the elastic loop. She wore the tutu to her birthday party tootoo. (heheheh)

I made the little cake myself in a very small pot from Emmie’s play kitchen. It’s a real pot, it’s just tiny. I wrapped the handle in aluminum foil so it wouldn’t melt in the oven. I made two layers, then frosted them in two shades of pink. I threw some sprinkles on the top for fun. I made the little “1” from a number I had left over from this project. I glued some lighter pink scrapbook paper to it, and added a dowel. Here she is eating the “1.”

Lastly, the stand. Sure I could have used just a plate, but I was dreaming of a perfect little antique cake stand. I scoured the thrift stores to no avail. I ended up making this one myself out of some old dishes I had in the kitchen.  Here’s the progression…

A little pudding dish my mom gave me a while ago and a chipped Ikea plate.

I glued them together with some plain old Elmer’s.

I painted the bottom with some white paint we had in the garage. And VOILA! Cake stand!

I had a blast taking pictures of her while she devoured her cake. She was so happy. We went directly from the cake eating to the bathtub. I had her and her room back together in no time. The best part about doing the pictures myself was that there was no waiting time to see them. While she was napping, I found my favorites and deleted the not-so-great ones.  Without further ado, a few more of my favorites!


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