Seamless Transition: Claiming a Place to Sew

I have been trying to carve out someplace in my house to sew since we moved in. Anyone who also sews knows how frustrating it is to drag your machine and supplies to the kitchen table (or where ever) just to have to move everything back when your family insists on eating. Like they really have to eat. The nerve. : )

I’ve been toying with the idea of creating a sewing armoire from an old entertainment center. There are lots of pictures on Pinterest that make it look so perfect. I couldn’t see much past the inevitable effort it would take to refurbish the entertainment center with a baby in the house. Plus, I really didn’t want any more furniture clogging my already small living space.

We have this window seat in the corner of our living room which never really gets used for seating because it is way too high. Lately, it had become something of a greenhouse for my son’s hydroponic bell pepper experiment. The bell pepper seemed to be dying, so I wondered if I could turn the area into a little sewing corner. I put a chair against it and found that it was the perfect desk height. Hooray! Here’s how it all came together.

I added this awesome little shelving unit to the corner. I bought this over a month ago at Goodwill for $11. I could not figure out where to put it. It had been moved all over the house until I found the perfect use for it here. I think it must have been meant for DVD’s. The nameplates were easy enough to just write on with chalk.

I organized everything on the shelves with some random jars from the thrift store.

At my husband’s suggestion, I added a piece of wood to the corner to slide my chair underneath. It was a super-dirty piece of particle board from our garage that I cleaned, added some nailhead trim to, and painted.

This sewing machine is probably my favorite inanimate object in the world. This was my grandmother’s machine. (She’s alive and well at almost 102, by the way) She gave this to me a few years ago because she wasn’t using it anymore. It’s a Singer Featherweight. I loooove it! It works better than my modern machine, and it’s absolutely beautiful.


I made two thread holders out of some old shelves I had in the garage. I freehand painted some zig-zags on them and pounded it some large nails. They worked out perfectly.

This little card catalog file started its life looking like this when I bought it at Goodwill:

I just painted it and added some chalkboard painted labels so that it matched my decor a little better. It holds my scissors, pincushion, and glue gun.

I hung my fabric on hanging files and put them in a vintage file box I bought from the thrift store.

Last, but not least, my Unique You dress form finally has a place of honor. She was a gift from my wonderful husband a few years ago. He went into my closet and measured most of my clothes to make sure he got the perfect size. He’s the best. Of course, a month after I got the dress form we found out I was pregnant. I’m finally back to this size more or less. I’m looking forward to being able to do some draping!

It is so nice to finally have a place I can work without having to clear out every time someone needs to use the kitchen!


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