Boxy but Better: Camouflaging a TV in Plain Sight

I hate, hate, hate my fireplace. I like that it exists for functional reasons, like warmth in the winter. I just hate everything else about it. Its beige rock face screams 80’s suburban builder’s grade. It sits on the diagonal in our living room, making it the focal point. I don’t even think it would be so bad if the rocks went all the way up the wall. Instead we have a weird quadrangle of plain wall above it. I have wanted to redo the entire fireplace for a while now, but the cost has put me off.

So, I hung the TV above it and tried to make do with what I had. Aargh. The TV made it even more of a focal point. Yuck. So, instead of trying to hide it, I decided to flaunt it. Enter these awesome painted canvases I got for $5 each from St. Vincent DePaul. I repainted two of them to better match my living room colors. Then I grabbed some other thrift store frames, printed some family photos right on our home printer with plain paper, and hung up this giant S I bought last summer at Goodwill. I quite like how it turned out. I still hate the fireplace, but now I can live with it until the budget allows for a real makeover.


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