Charm-ing Necklace

I have the greatest husband ever. I mean, I really do.  There are gobs of reasons why he is the greatest ever, but I can’t present you with all of them here. (Wink-wink.) So, here is a small representation of why. My paternal grandmother passed away a few years ago. She was a woman of impeccable taste. Hidden away in her costume jewelry box, my father found this lovely charm bracelet.


Of all her jewelry, this was the only piece in which I was interested. What a beautiful story it tells. She had charms for her two children, anniversary charms from my grandfather, and name charms for each of her grandchildren with our birthdays engraved on the backs. Because this is something that wouldn’t be fair for me to hold onto for myself, I really wanted to remove just the charm with my name on it and have it made into a necklace. Then I could pass the bracelet on to my sisters and cousins. That way all of us could share in having a piece by which to remember my grandmother.

I’d forgotten that I had the charm bracelet until a few weeks ago when I was cleaning out my jewelry to put into a new organizer (yep, from the thrift store.) My husband was in the room, so I showed it to him and mentioned in passing what I’d like to do. Then I put it away again and didn’t think much more about it.  Well, yesterday was Mother’s Day. In addition to waking up early with the baby and buying me sushi for dinner, he put a little display on our bathroom windowsill for me to find. It included some roses he’d grown in the garden, a delicious bottle of red wine, and a box from the jewelry store. When I opened it, this was inside. How amazing is he?!


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