Happy Highchair

Frank is really hoping for a crumb!

My baby girl takes after her parents. She loves to eat. Everything she can get her hands on. She’d had enough of baby food after her first two teeth came in a month ago. Even though she is tiny for her age, she has the appetite of a teenage boy. This baby girl needed a sturdy highchair for that man-sized hunger. Lucky for us, my oldest son’s wonderful girlfriend, Julia, gave us a beautiful highchair for Christmas. Julia is a girl after my own heart. Her neighbor was about to throw the highchair away. She snatched it from the trash, repainted it, and stenciled it with an adorable little owl, birds, and a raccoon. I told you she was wonderful!

I love the fact that we don’t have an ugly, hulking plastic monstrosity of highchair in the kitchen. The only things that were missing were a belt to keep my wiggly baby where she belongs and a cushion of some kind for her head, which she throws around with careless abandon. I thought about making a regular nylon strap, but she tends to squirm right out of those. After a quick search on Pinterest, I found this tutorial for a fabric high chair. The idea of this is great because I can use it on a regular chair too. It will grow with her. Even if it does kind of make her look like a stylish sumo wrestler right now. Case in point…

I ‘d bought this awesome, vintage fabric at St. Vincent dePaul thrift store several months ago. Although I love it, I couldn’t seem to come up with the right project for it until now. It’s a summery print, but a wool-like polyester. Way too hot for an Atlanta summer, for sure. The apple green matches my decor, but the white background just wasn’t working. It turned out to be perfect for the highchair though!

After I made the very easy belt portion, I needed a pad for her little wrecking-ball head. I swear she needs a helmet. I wanted something I could easily remove to wash, for obvious reasons. I came up with this…

First, I made a simple pattern with a sheet of paper.

Then I quadruple folded my fabric and cut the pattern on the fold with plenty of seam allowance.

Instead of batting for the padding, I used some leftover fleece from another project. I used my fabric as a pattern.

I laid the two fabric pieces right sides together and stacked the fleece on top to sandwich it in to the seam.

I stitched the two pieces of fabric and the fleece together. I had to fit it on the high chair a few times to make adjustments to the size.

Then, I turned up the raw edge and stitched the hem in place.

It looks like a fabric pita! The fleece lined part will go to the front to pad her head.

And here she is taking down a graham cracker in the newly safe and padded chair. She is serious about that graham cracker!


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