Emmie’s Mod Play Kitchen

Emmie is only 8 months old, but I’m already having so much fun shopping for her toddlerhood. I’ve developed a habit of picking up quality toys at the thrift store for her before the inevitable cheap plastic and Barbies begin to litter her room. That being said, I really wasn’t in the market for a play kitchen quite yet. I wistfully left this one alone on my first pass through Goodwill a few Tuesdays ago. Right before we left, I happened to mention it to my mom. She talked me into buying it. Not that I needed much convincing. It’s a beautiful, heavy kitchen from Pottery Barn, and it was only $25. Over the last few weeks, I’ve gotten really into fixing it up. So much so, in fact, that my husband has been teasing me about how much fun I’m going to have playing in MY kitchen. I’ve laughed it off, but he’s totally right!

I wanted the burners to look like our actual gas stove burners. I made these out of furniture sliders we had in the garage. I drilled a few holes through them and looped blue yarn for the “flames.” Then I used some lengths of black nylon cord for the grates. The silver part underneath is a place mat I cut and glued down.

I was extremely lucky to find these knobs still in their package at Goodwill for .77. I just glued them on.

For the oven and the refrigerator doors, I had some MDF cut to size at Home Depot. I cut a hole in the middle with a jigsaw for the oven door (none too neatly) and added cabinet handles. Then I attached both doors with some small hinges. I may eventually add some kind of plexiglass to the oven door.

This sink is so cute. The whole thing comes out, so you can actually fill it with water. I happened to find a bunch of tiny pots and pans at different thrift stores over the past few weeks, including this little colander. Adorable. Oh, and the backsplash is made from this roll of repositionable tape circles I got on clearance at Joann several months ago. I knew I’d find something to use them for eventually!

I bought these sunny-side-up egg plates many years ago at Goodwill. I never could figure out what to do with them until now. Yay! I picked up these fake strawberry milkshakes at a garage sale a long time ago too. I was going through a fake food phase! I made the curtains out of some remnants from Emmie’s crib skirt. The kitchen came with a place to hang up some dowels for curtains.

I found this mixer at Goodwill a few weeks ago. It was many different colors, so I just spray-painted it to make it more modern looking and added the bowl underneath. The little towel bar behind the mixer came with the kitchen. I stuck an iron-on letter to a washcloth for a quick monogrammed towel.

The finished product! I can’t wait to bake up some pretend food with my little girl!


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