A Prudent Pouf

After I reupholstered the love seat in the bedroom, my husband asked if I could find him an ottoman to go with it. I love it when he asks me to buy stuff! That’s the best ever. These pouf things are everywhere right now, so I knew I wanted to try to find one. Much like the banquette for my kitchen, I’d wanted one forever, but I didn’t want to pay through the nose.

I happened on this pattern and tutorial from Better Homes and Gardens. It was one of the best online patterns I’ve ever seen. Easy to make, cheap, adorable. I splurged a little on the fabric. Splurging is relative, however. That just means I didn’t buy it on sale plus two coupons. This time I only had one coupon, but I loved it so much I made the sacrifice. It ended up at about $20 a yard. I only needed two yards for the project, and there’s enough left over for a few pillows.

This project would be a great way to use up some remnants if you happened to have two yards on hand. The other awesome part about it is that you can stuff it with anything you happen to have lying around. Mine contains jeans, old coats, maternity clothes, and mounds of plastic grocery bags. I was able to clean out two closets while making something totally amazing. A prudent AND productive pouf!


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