Sweet Dreams Sofa

My husband is a simple, wonderful man. He doesn’t play video games or go out drinking all night. He likes nothing better than to come home from a long day, turn on Finding Bigfoot, and promptly fall asleep. Still, he wants to feel like he’s hanging out with me, so he doesn’t like to get into bed right away. He ends up falling asleep in the rocking chair we, until recently, had in our room for the baby.

While a beautiful thing for rocking her to sleep when she was brand-new, she had outgrown the chair. I packed it away for the next little one’s sweet dreams. We needed something more suited to my bigger dreamer. I found the most gorgeous chair and a half at Salvation Army, but it was $270. I could practically buy something new for that. I mourned it for a day or so until I found a very hideous little love seat at Goodwill that would fit perfectly at the end of our bed.

I assessed my ability to reupholster it and decided I was up for the challenge. It was only $20! Even if I screwed it up it wouldn’t be too great a tragedy. Eight and half yards of clearance gray velvet, a new staple gun, some nailhead trim, and almost an entire bag of hot glue sticks later, I still came in under $100. The way I reupholstered it would make anyone who actually knows how to upholster cry. Even with its faults, I think it works great in our room. And the hubby has fallen asleep on it several times already. His seal of approval.

Here’s poor little E sharing the backseat with my find.


Such a beauty. Well, maybe not yet.




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