Boring Door Made Sexy with Frames

I have mentioned that I live in a 1980’s fixer upper. If I could have bought my house at a thrift store I would have. Instead, I did the next best thing and bought a HUD home. It needed EVERYTHING replaced. We have a new roof, new windows, a new HVAC system, new floors, new appliances, the list goes on. Now that the big things have been done, I can get down to business on making things pretty. We have the cheapest, builder grade doors throughout the house. These are not the faux-paneled builder grade of today. They are flat, hollow, and soulless. While I was working on making my entryway a little happier, I decided to experiment with upgrading one of the doors on the cheap.

I bought some crazy cardboard 2011 graduation frames at Goodwill on a half-price day for around .50 each. I bought as many as I could find because I knew I’d figure out something to do with them for that price. While I was working on making my entryway doors awesome, I thought I might use them for the front closet door. I had already painted the inside of my front door a gorgeous, patent leather black. It is one sexy door. See!

I wanted the front closet door across from it to have the same feel. Enter the weird graduation frames. Here’s how I made it all work.

After two coats of shiny black paint, this door went from soulless to sexy!


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