The Ugly Duckling Transformed!

I bet high on the very dirty sofa set I bought at Goodwill last week. For only $108 with tax for both pieces, how could I not? It looked like a very messy toddler had been given free rein all over it. There were juice stains, marker drawings, watercolor paint marks, and general griminess. Most of the damage was confined to the cushions. I figured the worst case scenario involved me making new cushion covers. The back pillows were already missing, so I knew I’d be sewing anyway. After I got it home, I doused the the stains in stain remover and took a chance on putting the covers through the wash. To my delight, they came out nearly perfect. I borrowed a steam cleaner for the rest of the upholstery. That also cleaned up amazingly well. All I had to do then was make some new pillows for the backrests. I sold the old sectional for $75 and spent $50 on new pillow materials. It was like getting a new sofa set for $83. Besides being incredibly cheap, they are such good quality. Much more than I could ever afford at full price. Huge win! So, here is their transformation in pictures…

Here’s the old dog bed sectional. It did have back pillows. I just removed them to use for other stuff before I sold it.


The new set, calling to me at Goodwill.

The very dirty loveseat. And this was the cleaner of the two pieces.

Marker stains, juice stain, general ick.

                 All prettied up! Frankie is my spokesmodel.

Remember all that dirt. No more! Plus new back cushions.



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