Giant Calendar/Chalkboard/Closet Doors

This project was NOT from the thrift store for once, but it was definitely thrifty. It’s been one of my favorites. We live in an early 1980’s fixer upper. When we moved in, our laundry closet was festooned by ugly, louvered, bi-fold doors. With all the other things we had to replace (everything!), those doors were low on the priority list. I’d been Pinteresting around for a giant chalkboard calendar idea, but I knew my husband wouldn’t take kindly to me chalkboard painting one of the walls we worked so hard to refurbish. A few months ago, one of the doors broke. Ah, sweet serendipity. I grabbed the cheapest hollow core bi-fold doors I could find at Home Depot,  put those puppies up myself, then painted them with chalkboard paint. I told my husband about my calendar idea. Thankfully he helped me measure out the lines. Straight lines are not my strong suit. We made a preliminary grid with some chalk and a yardstick. We left some room at the bottom for notes and in case our dogs happened to brush against it. They could take out an entire week with a tail swipe. Then, I simply taped over the lines with masking tape. I thought about painting the lines, but I didn’t necessarily want them to be permanent in case we fell out of love with the calendar. The masking tape has held up beautifully for months now. The whole family loves the calendar. It’s right in the kitchen where everyone can see what’s going on in a glance. Aside from my terrible chalk drawings, it is a thing of beauty.



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