Clipboard Letters

E’s room is pretty small, so I hadn’t given a whole lot of thought to artwork for the walls when I was working on decorating. That’s also due in large part to the fact that one of her walls looks like this…

Obviously the focal point of the room! Being home with her all the time, I’d started to notice the very blank other three walls. When I found these cute, mini clipboards at Goodwill for .77 each, I didn’t really know what I’d use them for. There were five, which isn’t conducive to a symmetrical wall display. But, I thought, E’s name has five letters. And I habitually collect random letters from the thrift store. Strange, I know. I have a whole alphabet and letter soup in a box in the garage. It worked in my favor this time. Admittedly, I had to augment with a letter from Hobby Lobby because I only had one other E and it was way too big for the clipboard. So here’s what I did…

These are so cute. About the size of a half sheet of paper.


Oh, Goodwill. How I love thee!


Painting a few of ’em up to match her zig-zag wall.

Add a little glue and…




Here she is, pondering life’s mysteries beneath her name.






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