My Ugly Duckling

Here she is. You can see the little loveseat peeking out from behind.

This has been the most stellar thrift store week I’ve had in a long time. I typically make a big trip to several Goodwill stores on Tuesdays with my baby, my mom, and my 101-year-old grandmother. Mom and I load up the stroller and the wheelchair and hit as many stores as we can before we get hungry for lunch. We’re quite a sight to behold with our four generations of bargain-hunting women. I almost always come home with some great finds. This Tuesday, however, was terrible. I actually left one store without buying anything! This is unheard of in my world. So, on Wednesday, I was still eager to get my fix. I headed for the one Goodwill to which we hadn’t gone on Tuesday. I should have known the Goodwill gods were just saving my budget for the greatest surprise ever! There it was, at the front of the store. The fabric was so dirty, I nearly passed it up. It was also missing the back cushions. This did not deter me. It was beautiful underneath all that surface dirt, and I was going to make it shine. It was a Bauhaus set, typically sold at Haverty’s for around $1000 a piece. The very picture of “good bones.” The loveseat was $46 and the sofa was $56. I quickly called up the hubs to ask if it was alright to lug home this diamond in the rough. Sometimes he doesn’t quite understand my vision. This time, however, he said I had to go for it. Yay! Day made! So, out goes the old microfiber Rooms to Go sectional that never really fit in our odd-shaped living room. That thing collected dog hair like a job. I’m working on fixing up the new (to us) set. A good cleaning has made it look almost new. Back pillows are being sewn tomorrow. As soon as I get it back to pretty, I will share the “afters.”


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