Old Door + Paint = New Entryway Happiness!


With all the new furniture happiness going on in the living room, my entryway was looking pretty sad in comparison. I’ve always thought it would be nice to have an actual foyer area where I could put a substantial chest of drawers or something. No luck. Every house or apartment in which I’ve lived just dumps you straight into the living room. My current house is actually the best of the bunch. There is a little delineation at least. I’ve been craving some kind of small console table for awhile. For the front door not to hit it, it could only be three and a half inches wide. That didn’t exactly give me lots of options. After some Pinterest inspiration, I came up with this. I like it quite well, and it really finishes the room.


Before. Just sad.

All the hooks, accessories, purse, boots, etc. are from Goodwill. Of course.

I got the door and trim from the Habitat for Humanity ReStore. The door was $15 and the trim was $3. I bought three trim pieces. I rigged together a shelf with two of the trim pieces. Explaining how I did it would be highly confusing. I’m really not even sure, but it worked. I attached it with some metal brackets we had hanging around in the garage. Then I put the old hooks from the first picture under it. The second trim piece I attached to the top of the door to make it look all fancy. Here’s what it started out looking like…

A new coat of paint helped it shed its boring persona. After I got it attached to the wall (with much help from my hubby), I put a spray painted thrift store frame around a thrift store work of original art (.88!) and added a little $3 thrift store lamp. I downloaded some free number stencils and painted our house number as a finishing touch. Done!


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